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What is PlaceInvaders?

 Welcome, Invaders!

Chances are you heard about us from your friend, saw an Instagram of a beautiful table or plate, or stumbled on us while Googling around for interesting and imaginative things to do. PlaceInvaders hosts one-of-a-kind dining events in remarkable residential spaces, bringing 24 adventurous strangers into an unfamiliar home for ephemeral dinners and brunches featuring talented chefs, creatively imagined cocktails, and free-flowing wine.
Please check out the photography of all the beautiful homes and delicious meals we’ve shared over the years, find out about our upcoming public events, or reserve our services to help you create a memorable, private event just about anywhere in the United States. 
If you have questions, you can always email us. Be sure to subscribe to get notified when tickets are on sale in your area. 
We look forward to Invading with you! 
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Katie Smith-Adair

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Hagan Blount