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Holiday Gifts!
  • 12/25
  • 12/7
Give the gift of PlaceInvaders to loved ones, friends, and colleagues who appreciate an adventurous foodie experience. For use in LA, New York, or Detroit, these gift certificates are flexible to suit your recipient's schedule. We'll create a custom gift card to be sent via email or regular mail. Actual times and dates vary and depend on availability. Several opportunities to redeem in 2018. No expiration date.   Give experiences, not things!
New York City
  • 12/17
  • 12/16
New York is absolutely the number one place to be in December. Our annual holiday series is one of our favorite times of the year, and we can't wait to bring back the Invasion merriment again.  We're super lucky to have an amazingly accomplished chef on our squad for December. Plan accordingly to be wildly impressed. Chef Tara Khattar is a Lebanese-born super star, with training from the renowned Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France and a masters in food studies from NYU, the equivalent of a few Ivy League degrees in culinary arts. She's spent time in the Michelin-starred kitchens of Joel Robuchon and Jacques Chibois, and you may catch her showing off her skills on a couple well-known televised chef competitions in 2018; she'd love to share more if not for those pesky NDAs. Perhaps after a couple glasses of wine she'll spill a few gossipy reality show details. The residence we're Invading is the kind of place that has us asking ourselves where specifically we missed some life planning boat. Effortlessly chic, filled with creative art and clever design touches, this Bowery loft is in the middle of it all, but just removed enough from the mayhem that you'll enjoy peering down from the floor to ceiling windows on those less fortunate, skipping a chance to be at such a festive and fantastic party. Come join us for a very memorable holiday Invasion; we're excited to see you all again!
Los Angeles
  • 2/16
Come along for a lovely mid-winter dinner al fresco! Populate the Instagram stories we'll post to gloat about our smarts in relocating west for the benefit of all our friends back on the east coast. More details to come. Plan on Hollywood Sign views.
  • 4/28
  • 4/27
  • 4/29
  • 4/26
Hey Detroit! We're only back twice next year. This is our first stop, and we're pretty excited about the potential with some of the spaces we've got lined up. Nothing locked down yet, but it's looking promising! Of course, we don't know who the chef will be, but we're going to make sure they're awesome and their food is thebomb.com (and for our Windsor Invaders, makin' sure it's thebomb.ca; whatup Canada!?). See y'all soon!
  • 9/15
  • 9/16
  • 9/13
  • 9/14
This is our final 2018 date in Detroit. We already have a location! It will be in a Grosse Pointe-ish luxe artists's loft-fortress. We first saw this property when we came to do the first Invasion in the Motown Mansion and we've been dying to invade ever since. If you've never been in an artist's loft-fortress before, we're going to have to leave that part up to the imagination... or you could buy a ticket and see one firsthand. Chef to be announced, but as always, we will impress with the food and be working with a local Detroit chef! Looking forward to September, Invaders!
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