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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you handling the COVID-19 crisis?

Yes, our regular events business has been put on a temporary hiatus, but our partners are now driven more than ever to bring together their fans, teams, and clients through truly interactive experiences. We dove headfirst into virtual event management when events slowed down and are finding that our theories around events applied to the virtual ones make ours memorable. In learning that none of the platforms deliver an experience that matches our vision, we started developing supplemental technology to improve these interactions.

My company wants to host a virtual event, how are you different from all these other virtual event production companies popping up right now?

"This meeting could have been an email." We feel the same way about most of the virtual events we've been to, just replace email with "prerecorded video." People won't set aside time to attend something that they could just watch at their own leisure, or they'll regret setting aside time for one they did. We've attended hundreds of virtual events in different formats from trivia to comedy to wine and cooking demos to escape rooms, and the difference that separates the good from the bad is interaction. We design virtual events with a cadence that optimizes for maximum interaction and a minimum of watching people talk, creating guest interactions and team-building exercises that build a connection to product/service and brand values.

What kinds of virtual events do you do?

We've done events that are based on one or a combination of the following event activities: 
  • Wine seminars 
  • Tastings
  • Chef demos
  • Improv classes/comedy
  • Trivia
  • Conferences around topics, speakers, and activism
  • Artistic demos
  • Live music and DJ sets
  • Puzzles and games
  • Virtual travel (live cameras in faraway places)
Any of these can be used for marketing, community-building, team-building, product launches, and more. We're currently looking for more people to help us host events for our partners. If you've done (or think you'd be great at doing) any of these, please reach out to us here.

What does a virtual event with PlaceInvaders cost?


Well, that depends! Let's set up a call to define your goals for the event and we'll figure out how to do it beautifully and economically. Contact us here.