FAQ on being a PlaceInvaders Host

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Are hosts paid?

Yes, rates vary based on location.

How long is an event series?

We usually utilize our host spaces from Friday night dinner to Sunday night dinner, hosting four dinners and two brunches. Occasionally we would ask to extend to Monday or Thursday night depending on partner availability.

What kind of place are you looking for?

We need a place to set up a table and chair for 24 people which usually means we need a 30 foot stretch of space to make it work. The rest is really variable!

Can residents of the host location attend the events?

Our tagline is “Private Dining Experiences in Extraordinary Residential Spaces While the Owners Aren’t Home,” so that really doesn’t fly with our concept. We like to offer hosts a private dinner on the night before the series for up to eight people, then the host for the event series so that we can fully set up, make our mess, and then thoroughly clean up, leaving the space as we found it. Our team usually stays in the house as part of the rental fee.

What’s in it for me?

Depending on what host options you pick, a little side money on the rental fee, the opportunity to show off a small dinner party for friends, the fame of having your house adored on instagram and featured on our website, and being part of a growing start up business that has helped this small company make our dreams of travel, meeting amazing friends, and making delicious food come true.

What happens during the event series?

Ideally you leave us with a near-empty fridge and freezer. We come in, take pictures of where everything goes, and set the table for our events. We may rearrange some furniture but we’ll put it back. Optimally, we’d place our long table and chairs somewhere in your home to seat about 24 people. Occasionally, and if it’s OK with you, we can use the furniture in the house for the events. We’ll bring in a chef and all the cooking and serving supplies so your kitchen will be not be otherwise disturbed. When everything is done, we clean the house to our high standards (which are as clean or cleaner than how it was received) and put everything back in place.

What if something gets broken, stolen, or an insane party breaks out?

p We’ve done this in over 75 locations and we’re not going to tell you that we’ve never broken anything. What we do promise is that we’ll tell you if something happens. The things that have been broken or damaged have been extremely minimal. So far the most egregious misuse of a home has been our own fault - cutting lemons on a marble countertop. We paid for the entire restoration/resurfacing. We do have insurance that covers us for more serious problems. p As far as insane parties, these are quiet, well-mannered affairs. dinner party, not a frat party. We’ve had to cut a few guests off, but we’ve never had anything you’d be able to call an ‘insane party’ happen at a PlaceInvaders event - that’s just not our style.